How to grow your side business while commuting to work

How to grow your side business while commuting to work
How to grow your side business while commuting to work

The daily 45-minute drive to and from work made me miserable six years ago, so I quit my job. Getting stuck in traffic would make me feel frustrated since I could be doing more for my business instead of sitting there. Here’s How to grow your side business while commuting to work.

How to grow your side business while commuting to work
How to grow your side business while commuting to work

When I wasn’t aware at the time, I never realized how valuable your morning and evening commute could be to grow your own business and leave the corporate world behind you. You may have the only opportunity to be alone for most of the day without being distracted by others (emails, Facebook, Twitter, co-workers, family, friends) during this time.

Entrepreneurs who do the side hustle in conjunction with their business need to be good at managing their time efficiently. The daily commute to and from your 9-to-5 job makes so much sense, so you need to use it effectively. If you don’t want to waste that time listening to music or rehashing the last argument with your significant other or boss, you should be learning something new.

Entrepreneurship is not just about hard work but also about ideas. To grow your business, you do not always need a computer, join a networking event, or make a sales pitch. Growing your business is expanding your thinking, developing new ideas, gaining new perspectives, or getting new skills. These are all part of growing as a person and as a leader. 

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Check out these five ways to broaden your thinking. 

Listen to an audio business book during your commute to work.

There are hundreds of unique (and life-changing) titles in the business book market. There are times when I wish I could absorb all of their knowledge by osmosis and use it to improve my business significantly. Yet listening to an audiobook version is much closer to what I desire. If you have an iPod or other audio player, you can enjoy Audible’s latest and greatest business books.

Listen to business podcasts during your commute.

Listening to business podcasts on your commute can be very helpful. You can keep up with the latest business trends and keep your knowledge up to date by listening to podcasts. With podcasts created and posted regularly, podcasts can keep you updated on the most current ideas, newest applications, marketing methods, social media insights, and other business tools (unlike books that could be dated).

Find a tremendous audio business training course to listen to while commuting to work.

You’ll come up with some of your best ideas while listening to these courses. The courses I have attended by Ali Brown, Eden Pagan, David Siteman Garland, Naomi at IttyBiz, and innumerable others have always provided me with valuable information that has taken my business to the next level. Training courses are offered for free by some experts, but many experts sell online training courses. Invest in diving deeper and learning more from an expert in the business you know and love.

The fourth way to make the most of your commute: Download the TEDtalks app

Through the TEDtalks app, you can hear from “the world’s most intriguing people: educators, scientists, music legends, and medical mavericks” wherever you are and at any time. Doesn’t that sound cool? Your business and your life will benefit from this powerful method of generating new ideas.

Commute to work in a fifth way: 

As a final tip, you could also choose to sit quietly during your commute to work. Would that be beneficial to the growth of your business? Whenever your mind is racing at a thousand miles an hour, it’s hard to develop new ideas. You need ideas flowing to run a good business (and we’ve already established that good companies run on IDEAS.)

Your brain needs time to catch up when you’re constantly absorbing new information, working every minute, and implementing new strategies. Otherwise, you’ll spin your wheels and get burned out (resulting in worse performance). During your commute, sit quietly at least once a week.


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